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mardi 3 mars 2020

Walkground 3 geeks

French version here !

Chapter 1- the escape

Enter Doctor Horse's office which is waiting for you.
Listen to it until the end.
Once he leaves the room, take the chisel off the desk.
Activate the large whiteboard on the wall to discover a post it that contains the code of the safe to open.
Open the safe on the right to open it and take the pass.
Get out and head downstairs.
Go left towards the rooms.
Continue to the back bedroom (number 10) and insert the pass into the magnetic card reader.
Open the door.
Use the chisel on Luc to cut his handcuffs.
Activate the computer next door (Commodore 64).
Luc will take care of himself hacking the system to free cell number 12.
Open the door to cell 12 to free Cyprien.
Then click on the double locker door closed by an anti-theft device.
Cyprien will then offer you the key to thank you for having released him. Use the key on double doors.
Take the 3 combinations of cosmonauts.
Once disguised, go to the far right and head for the exit. The guard will then let you out without problems.
Once on the steps of the hospital, click on the black sedan car waiting for you in the lower left ...

In the dark alley, talk to the ex-Russian agent and give him the kraft envelope.
In the office of the President of the Republic, speak to the head of government and then give him the file.
In the space shuttle, click on the control panel at the far left to accept the pending videoconference.

Chapter 2- The galley of Rodolphe Wallace

Once in front of the hut, take the wooden pulley hanging on the rope of the red sign "Entry prohibited".
Activate the shutters to discover a hidden key. Take the key and reopen the shutters so you don't leave your companions inside in the dark.

Use the key in the wooden door to enter the cabin.
Take the fork of the pink bicycle from the bicycle and insert it into the stool with a hole at the foot of the same bicycle. Take the green bowl and go out.
Head right to arrive at the crossroads.
Search the tree stump to recover a beetle, the wooden box in front of the barrels to recover an electric blue wire and
finally the small triangular wedge in front of and at the foot of the arranged wooden logs.
Go through the fence to the north to go to the Dexter cemetery. Once you have spoken to him, take the stick from the hole where he rests
the corpse of the Piou chick who will no longer sing on the radio… Retrace your steps and head straight to the right to access the hidden garden.
Take the sheath in the seal, the spool of wire on the barrel then the tomato with flies at the feet of the painter's wooden easel.
Leave at the crossroads and go down this time through the wooden door.

Place the tomato in the feeder. Take the opportunity to fill the bowl in the water tank. Go close the door the first time.
The boar reopens it… put the wooden block on the door.
Recover the bird cage, the red electric wire, the broom brush at the foot of the enclosure, the Gratt’cul hairs on the tree stump where it was scratching
and the little licorice stick at the bottom.
Continue down to access the landfill.

In the rubbish, collect the bellows on the wooden barrel and the pipe on the barrel.

Combine the stick from your inventory with the brush to form a broom and use it on the small piece of paper stuck on the branch above the cat.
Use the salad bowl filled with water on the cat then take the wheel and examine the piece of paper. A comic strip presents you with a method for making a natural brush.
Which will be useful later in this chapter.

Head left to go to the lake.
Recover the plug which floats at the foot of the wooden pontoon. Take the glass of vodka from the hand of the sleeping dwarf on the table. Give the beetle to the Dwarf Fernal (who grinds his orange salad spinner).
He offers you a tray of cold fries. In your inventory, mix the tray with vodka and give these alcoholic fries to the fake reindeer (dogs disguised as reindeer).
You get a very important peanut to finish the chapter. Then talk to the Dwarf Fernal about his wringer.
He then gives you the drum. Then descend by following the path to reach the tree and the dwarf Génious. Talk to the dwarf and ask him for help in making your generator.

Place the wooden pulley on the branch of the left tree.
In your inventory, combine the wire and the cage then place this cage on the pulley.
Now you have to make the bait to lure the squirrel into the trap.
Take the licorice stick from your inventory and activate it against the sap of the tree.
Then use this stick stick with the Gratt’cul hairs from your inventory.
Place the cap on the trap. All you need is brown paint.

Go back to little Dexter in his cemetery and put the wheel on his bike. Dexter offers you corrective white.
Use the air chamber with the bellows in your inventory to make a pump.
Use the pump on the impeller. Dexter then offers you its dynamo.

Return to the painter and give him the blank. She offers you a tube of brown gouache. Return to the dwarf Génious in the trap.
Use your natural brush made from licorice, sap and wild boar bristles with the paint tube. Then use this brush on the cork to transform it into a false tassel.

The trap is in place, the squirrel is captured. You get it and get a plan to make / tinker a generator with the means at hand (plan added to your notebook).
Return to the cabin. Use the metal hose on the bike, as well as the red wire, the blue wire, the dynamo and finally the wringer drum.
Place the squirrel on the drum and place the peanut on the wooden logs in front of it.

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